53 Things

53 Things

53 Things.

For a few years in a row now I have tried to do a special birthday post. It’s usually a list of things that I have learned or a combination of things I already know/believe and things I’ve learned along the way. Also, things I’ve accomplished or places I’ve visited.

So may I introduce to you my 53 things blog post. Happy birthday to me.

Apparently, I skipped last year, so here’s a link to 51 things.

53 Things

1) I believe in God.

2) I am not special.

3) I need vitamins/supplements.

4) No longer do I have big huge dreams and ambitions but I long for the simple life.

5) I am addicted to my phone.

6) I am getting used to the idea of becoming a grandma, one day, in a few more years.

7) I like eight hours of sleep.

8) People will lie to you but somehow this still surprises me.

9) I am physically sore pretty much all the time.

10) Living in Florida looks more and more attractive to me every day.

11) My son and his girlfriend moved to Arizona but rumor has it – they are moving back at the beginning of 2020.

12) Being right is just not that important to me anymore.

13) While I love my garage gym, I do miss a regular group fitness class.

14) I am looking forward to the new year.

15) After 28 years of living in Huntsville, I have finally realized that this will be my forever home.

16) I think I would be very happy with a barista job.

17) I need to spend more time with my girlfriends, the YaYas.

18) Saw Billy Joel in concert in Texas and it was fabulous.

19) Completed a Tough Mudder in Nashville Tennessee.

20) Switched jobs, again.

21) Was honored by the Alabama Fashion Alliance this year.

22) Did Invisalign.

23) Got to see John Crist at Stand Up Live.

24) Enjoyed way too many Memes this year.

25) My daughter got engaged.

26) My family from Ohio came down to visit me.

27) Flew down to Miami for a day of training, car business. 

28) Started a podcast. With my daughter.

29) Joined Squad Fitness two days a week; trial period to see if I like it. So far, so good.

30) I have mapped out the new year, 2020, of things I would like to do.

31) I have binged-watched a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

32) This last year has revealed more and more what is important to me and I have let go of a lot of crap.

33) I still love cake.

34)  I am enjoying and appreciating the little things in life.

35) I am also quite appreciative of this past year being very low-key.

36) Happy to have made new friends this year.

37) More family time, less things.

38) My pet peeves are still strong.

39) Discovered orange vanilla Coca-Cola. 

40) Changed my make-up and skin care. Wearing less make-up and I think I finally found a look.

41) Was able to stick with one planner for the whole year!!! 

42) I think I have decided I want a used Honda next year when I turn in my BMW lease.

43) Started programming my own workouts.

44) I think I have taken my word of the year, SLOW, to heart and learned how to do just that, taking it slow. And now, to come up with a new word for 2020. I think I already know what it will be.

45) I love Twitter.

46) I have grown to like and trust President Trump, and hope he gets re-elected. I will be voting for him this time.

47) Saw Impractical Jokers, a.k.a. The Tenderloins, at the VBC this year.

48) Was given tickets to Postmodern Jukebox when they were here in Huntsville, so we saw them as well. Thank you Scott Allen.  

49) Probably spent way too much money on Bang coffee.

50) Cutting back on things I think I need or want.

51) I think I will actually set some resolutions for 2020, normally I don’t but I think I will this year.

52) I am determined to get a handstand walk before I turn 54. I have a plan. You can follow along on Instagram.

53) I hope to do more YouTube videos, other than workout videos but more like coffee chats or car ride alongs or of other things.

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