ReMarkable Headlines #2

Remarkable headlines

Here we go with ‘Round the Reader or as I have renamed it, ReMarkable Headlines. Just a collection of headlines I have gathered-up from the internet, adding my comments.

ReMarkable Headlines #2


From – The Surreal Early Morning TV of 9/11, Just Before The Attacks – It may seem creepy but I also find it fascinating and worth the read. Watch the video embedded in the article too. That’s what makes it even more eerie.

The U.S. Military Sends Warning About Joker Screenings and Possible Violence – Well I, for one, will not be seeing this movie. Not for the reason of this warning but I saw the preview and it looks too dark and disturbing for me.

Celebs Are Wearing Sheer White Slip Dresses On The Red Carpet – and I like it. If I had a body like a celebrity and an event to attend, I’d wear the white slip dress as well.

Keanu Reeves Has Some Excellent Matrix 4 News – I am excited and it makes me want to go back and watch the first three movies. It’s bee a while.

Twitter Unveils New Pinned List Featues for iOS Users – I’ve got some work to do. Being an avid Twitter user, I need to get my lists together and be able to fully use Twitter in all its glory.

This is the Best Place to Live in America Right Now – I say let’s go. Very close to me anyway, I think I can talk The Gent into it. Although, it may just be for the young and hip?

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