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ReMarkable Headlines, maybe I will start a new series called ReMarkable Headlines. Not to be confused with my personal ReMarkable series.

As I try to come up with topics to blog about, I find myself reading through headlines and thinking, “No, that’s not worthy enough for a full blown blog post.”

So why not just share some headlines with my ReMarks?

Once upon a time, way back in the new world of the internet, a group of bloggers got together and would post what they called ‘Round The Reader. Or at least one blogger started it and it caught on, for a little while, until the Main Stream Media took over the internet.

‘Round the Reader was simply someone posting a bunch of headlines of the day, linking them on their blog, and commenting on them.

ReMarkable Headlines will be my take on the ‘Round The Reader.

ReMarkable Headlines

Here is your list of poopy beaches in Alabama – Great, another reason for me to stay away from the ocean, other than sharks and jelly-fish. Way to go – ruining summer for everyone.

A commission has been formed – Looks like Alabamians will soon have their marijuana and probably for free. Better go get in line.

Here is your list of Best Places to Retire – Listed by state and Alabama ranks #16 but I am liking Kentucky better.

A woman traveling solo – If you are a woman, do not travel to these places according to Forbes. I have to say, the list is a no-brainer, duh.

The Sixth and Final Era of our Universe – What the hell does that mean? It makes me wish I had paid better attention in Science class. And how do they study this kind of thing, how can they determine these things? Baffling.

6-year-old South Korean YouTuber buys multimillion dollar property – It is said that the child has over 17 million subscribers. My question is this, WHO IS WATCHING CHILDREN ON YOUTUBE? Grown people? That is creepy.

And finally…

Kanye West to build affordable Star Wars-inspired prefab homes for the homeless – now listen, I don’t care too much for Kanye but if this is true then I have to say I like it. I think it is a great idea and good on Kanye for spending his money on something for the needy.

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

Do you have any headlines you want to share? Post them in the comments.

Author: Carol Marks

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2 thoughts on “ReMarkable Headlines”

  1. LOVE this list. The dangerous countries for women? Definitely lots of “duh” ones. One of the reasons I didn’t go visit Mr. Smith while he worked in Saudi for a year. But the US? That makes me roll my eyes.

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