YouTube Vlogger

YouTube Vlogger

Okay, I’ve fought it and fought it, well actually, I hated for a long time but I have finally figured it out and I like it. I’m a YouTube Vlogger now! The reason I didn’t like it before is that I felt like I didn’t have anything to say and it drove me crazy to edit the videos.

YouTube Vlogger

But now, I can record my workouts and the editing part is not that difficult after all. The videos are short, which is fine with me but I am enjoying doing it. I feel like I have some sort of content to contribute now.

So why not, right?

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel is Back Alley WOD – and yes I have other social media channels in that name too. And a blog.

It’s been a natural progression to get to this point, the best kind right? I tried to do YouTube videos of beauty products, coffee chats, or videos from inside my car but they all felt forced. And like I said before, I hated the editing part mainly because I didn’t know what I was doing.

But with anything, it takes practice. Now that I feel like I have something to contribute, with the workout content, the editing part isn’t really that bad.

It is also fun! Thanks for reading and following!

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