About Jack

About Jack

My most recent podcast episode is all about Jack. He is our 12-year old half Poodle/half Shih Tzu and he is a suck puppy. He has been diagnosed with kidney failure. Right now we are managing it with several different medications and diet.

About Jack

He seems to be doing fine. The vet is even surprised how lively Jack behaves considering what his blood work shows. He goes back later in the week to get more blood work done to see if he has progressed or stabilized and then we will plan accordingly.

Right now, he still likes going on his walks, we just walk slower. He is continues to eat on his own and drinking water regularly. But when he stands, his little back legs just shake away. He shows no signs of being in any sort of pain.

I dedicated an episode to Jack-Jack on my podcast. This episode starts off with us at the vet because we could tell something was just not right about Jack. It is several clips put together as we discover his diagnosis.

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