Election Day 2020

Election Day 2020

I don’t know about ya’ll but I am glad this election day 2020 is finally here. It should mean that all of this ugliness will finally be over. Tomorrow, we vote. I’ve seen a lot of people doing the mail-in ballot, or sending off for one to fill out ahead of time and then delivering it on election day? I am doing it the old fashioned way. I will vote in person.

Election Day 2020

However, some have predicted chaos in the streets no matter what the outcome will be. And some have even predicted there will not even be an immediate outcome, that it may get delayed in the courts for months. I don’t know about all of that.

Personally, where we live, in north Alabama, I think we will be fine. Knock on wood, we seem to have been exempt from all of the rioting, violence, chaos, civil unrest thus far.

We have our differences here, that is for sure. I’ve seen more Democratic yard signs than I have of Republican ones. This does surprise me, a little. Since I’ve lived here, it seems that Alabama has always been a red state so I have felt a tiny bit of astonishment to see all the Biden-Harris signs spring up in a lot of yards.


In the last election, I did not vote for either candidate. Oh, I voted but I did a write-in for 2016. This election will be different. I will vote for one of the candidates on the ballot. And then proceed to go on about my life. As will everyone else I suppose.

At the end of George Bush Sr and during the Clinton Presidency, I blogged politically. Quite often actually. Then a life event happened and I quit blogging. I think I started back to blogging again when Obama was the President but by this point my politic-passion had died. So I started blogging about stupid and insignificant crap. I guess some might say, that is the same thing. Ha! And some of the time, I would agree.

I’ve stayed away from political blogging for various reasons, and especially after witnessing how some react to things some people write or say or believe. It can be vicious so I stay clear of controversial topics.

Until now.

I think I may get back into writing what I want, what I observe, what I think, what I feel. This blog is called Carol REMARKS after all. And thanks to the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge, I feel it is time to start again, to start writing what I want and putting it out there. My skin has gotten thicker as I’ve aged so if someone wants to express their bitterness to me in my comments I think I can take it with ease. Or just delete them. And let’s me honest, no one is reading this. Either way, I have just enough lack of interest to hit Publish.

Go vote.

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