Holiday Rowing Challenge

holiday rowing challenge

I’ve made a decision to participate in the Concept2 Holiday Rowing Challenge.

Holiday Rowing Challenge

Before I made this decision, however, I had already declared I would row 60,000 meters for the month of December! The most I had ever rowed on my rower, in a month, was 54,200 back in May.

Setting a goal of 60,000 was very doable and I was proud of my little goal. Then, I remembered the Concept2 website also had challenges so I decided to give them a look.

I found the Holiday Rowing Challenge and their charities associated with it. Oh, that sounds fun and also for a good cause. So I thought why not! After reading through the challenge I discovered they have two levels.

The challenge runs from Nov 26 thru Dec 24.

  • Level 1 = 100,000 meters
  • Level 2 = 200,000 meters


A far cry from 60,000 meters! I am shooting for the 200,000 meter challenge. They always say to pick a goal that scares you. Well, 100,000 meters scares me but 200,000 horrifies, intimidates, and terrifies me.

Luckily, Concept2 has provided a calendar and how-tos to help complete the challenge.

Also, it is for a good cause. Concept2 has several charities to chose from but I decided go with A Most Beautiful Thing.

The following quote on the charity’s website got me immediately.

“As the first black high school rowing team, we thought we were going to change the sport, just like Jackie Robinson changed baseball….but instead, the sport changed us. Rowing gave us a purpose and gave us each other. It saved my life…” 

– Arshay Cooper

Learn more about Arshay Cooper and his story.

So, I’ve printed off my calendar and how-to pages, 10 in all. The first day of the challenge is to row 10,000 meters. I’ve done that before, a few times. I think I’ll take an easy pace though. Before, I’ve always done it to try to beat my previous record.

Want to join in but don’t have a rower? You can do it with the SkiErg or BikeErg too. Don’t have any of those? Then try walking or running, it won’t be official but you’ll feel better. And you can still donate to the charity.

While I am doing the challenge for charity, I still plan to donate my own money as well.

Concept2 will donate $.02 per kilometer (1000 meters) to your choice of this year’s charities. Once you get beyond 100k, we’ll donate $.04 per additional kilometer. In order for your meters to count, however, you must choose a charity from the front page of your Logbook (or select “Let Concept2 Choose” if you don’t have a preference). For kids and adaptive participants, the $.04 rate will take effect at 50k. Note: BikeErg meters count for half the distance when calculating your Holiday Challenge meters and any related donation.

Ya’ll wish me luck!

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