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I’m over on Twitter these days. Having a good time. I have a Parler account as well, however, can’t quite figure that-one out. I realize it can’t be that hard but I guess I am simply too used to Twitter. I am definitely a Twitter addict.

On Twitter

I like how fast everything whizzes by on Twitter, committing to nothing, letting things scroll by with abandon. LOL. I find it is where I can find most relevant newsy things too, believe it or not. No, on second thought, believe it. Because the MSM is corrupt. I’ve quit Fox News.

Now, I am very aware that most people don’t like Twitter; especially conservatives because of its censoring-liberal CEO Jack. And he’s part of big tech which is another issue I will have to address on a different day.

But I still find Twitter useful. I probably won’t leave.

What I have left, however, is Facebook. I unpublished both of my Facebook PAGES and deactivated my personal account, took the app off of my phone. I wasn’t really using it anyway. That’s not to say I may not bring it back eventually but right now I honestly don’t even miss it.

At first, I thought about my family and how they might communicate with me if I deleted Facebook and then I remembered, they have my phone number.

I wanted to scale back my online presence or focus it more on just the blog, Twitter, and maybe Instagram. No distractions from frivolous silliness like Facebook which is totally and utterly useless. By the way, I made IG private and removed a lot of followers.

Some say that Twitter is nothing but a cesspool and while I could agree with that to some extent, I also think it is all in who you follow. Choose wisely my friend.

Then there is the argument about needing a thick skin. Yes, I’ll have to agree with that one, whole-heartedly. And while I don’t necessarily have a thick skin naturally, I am learning to grow some. That, or a I can simply share out on Twitter to a limited audience with the somewhat new feature “People You Follow” which limits who can comment back to you.

And I am no longer interested in “engaging” with anyone online either. It is time to aim attention to my own voice.

I am finding a lot more news sources on Twitter than I can on Google. Have you noticed (now) when you try to search for something on Biden or Harris that the only results that show up are rainbows and lollipops? Welcome to the Ministry of Truth.

Anyway, if you care to join in or follow, here I am on Twitter.

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