Things a 50-Year Old Should Have

Things a 50-year year old should have – this week’s episode. I got this idea when I was listening to a Carly Simon song and realized that Mick Jagger was singing backup vocals for her song, “You’re So Vain.” And being 50-years old, I should have known that.

Things a 50-Year Old Should Have

I thought it would be a good podcast idea for an episode of 50 Things Every 50-Year Old Should Know. I ended up Googling that phrase and didn’t come up with any sort of list but what did come up was 50 Things Every 50-Year Woman Should HAVE by

So I went with that and put my own spin on some of their advice and suggestions.

A piece of furniture you bought all by yourself, lingerie you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in, and the ability to say No without an explanation are just a few of the things every 50-year old should have or be able to do. Grab your coffee and join me as I share with you some of the things I have discovered as a 50-year old. 

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Those are my ReMarks and I’m sticking to it until I change my mind.

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