A Partial Bucket List

a partial bucket list

My sister inspired me to share a partial bucket list. So my sister surprised me the other day and texted me, “Guess where I am?” Well, she was in Colorado and hiking the Manitou Incline! She is also on the podcast this week where she shares some comments from the Incline. FYI, that is my sister in the featured photo on top of the Manitou Incline.

A Partial Bucket List

I’ve decided to share some of my bucket list. Yes, I started creating one several years ago and then I would put it away, start another, put it away, start another, you get the idea. I have several partially written bucket lists around the house, in journals, somewhere.

One day while browsing the internet, and I honestly don’t know how I got there, I saw someone else’s beautiful bucket list and it made me want to start one, that’s how it began. I never could make mine beautiful like this other person’s and then as you just read I kept losing the list. So…..

We shall try again. What you are about to see is something I created quickly on Pages so I could have something to insert here. Once my MochiThing Planner M comes in then maybe I can start my bucket list there. Because remember, I am going to use it ALL YEAR LONG!


Again, this is a partial list. I want to create a big huge whole list of stuff I want to do and accomplish. Some may be out of reach but hell, you ever know.

Wanting to make it realistic I may also include things like learn how to cook an extravagant dish, get that handstand walk, eliminate processed food from my diet, and read the Bible!

Well, those are my ReMarks and I’m sticking to it until I change my mind.

What are some of your items on your bucket list?

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