I Am But A Weed

I am but a weed

All of my life, I tried to be a flower. Turns out, I am but a weed.

After a vigorous workout in the mornings, I like to take a cool down walk. And during this cool down walk I take my iPhone to capture nature. I try to find the small things and give them a permanent digital life.

I Am But A Weed

On my walks, looking for the small beauty, gives me something to do. I pay attention to my surroundings and appreciate the beauty, even in the small things. Especially the things that people would passover without a second thought.

This morning’s walk was no different. Toward the end of my walk, I found these tall weeds right across from my garage. They were growing in what could possibly be the least desired location. But there they were, just like a weed to grow and prosper where other plants would never survive.

My first thought as I was taking the photos was this, If someone saw me right now, they will think I am nuts or stupid for taking photos of these weeds.

I don’t know what prompted me to take these photos. I thought they were unusually tall and growing in a neat place – a very small area between concrete, a large tree stump, and a fence. Not a lot of grass or fertile soil. And definitely not somewhere you would plant lush flowers.

My next thought was that I feel like a weed most of my life. Ugly and unwanted, something that no one wants in their life, a pesky slip.

I’m always one for the underdog and weeds get a bad rap. Inspiration struck at this thought so I looked up weeds and what they might be good for. This first article swept me off my feet immediately with this little beauty –

Ralph Waldo Emerson described a weed as a plant whose virtue has not yet been discovered. And when you’re hoeing or pulling weeds, it definitely can be a challenge to find anything virtuous about them. Those that are the peskiest and most hated thrive in places you don’t want them to be, whether in your garden or lawn, in a field or on wild land or roadsides.

What Makes a Weed a Weed

I especially liked what Mr. Emerson had to say about weeds.

So now I look at weeds differently. Perhaps I always have appreciated them a little more than most folks.

Weeds do have benefits. And this article in Mother Earth News explains it a lot better than I ever could.

I like the way they describe weeds as being a bandaid for earth, helping to heal. They describe it as holding up topsoil, preserving valuable topsoil and to help that topsoil not get washed or blown away.

They apparently pull up nutrients and water from deep inside the ground. Going where other plants cannot reach, providing the way to untapped potential.

Now, let’s think of that in the human condition. When I do that, then I don’t mind thinking about myself as weed and not a beautiful flower. In fact, I prefer it.

I can be strong and vigorous. I have survived things that others may not have been able to handle. And sometimes we need a little peskiness in our lives to help keep us on track.

I am God’s weed.

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