I Wish I Could Wear Fake Eyelashes

I wish I could wear fake eyelashes

I wish I could wear fake eyelashes. I’ve tried, oh how I’ve tried. My eyes water, a lot, making it useless to wear fake eyelashes. Plus, I cannot put them on straight to save my life.

I Wish I Could Wear Fake Eyelashes

Recently, I paid someone quite a bit of money to put them on for me. She is a lash expert, or installer if you will. The results were nice, I was very happy. I HAD EYELASHES! I looked pretty.

Since the pandemic started, I don’t wear makeup anymore and I don’t bother with wearing my contacts either. I still see women wearing makeup and I admire them. Especially their eyelashes.

Man, that is a lot of maintenance. I know, I used to do it too. It is time consuming. A high-level of upkeep taking place with all of that, not to mention the sky high cost of cosmetics.

Now that I don’t wear makeup anymore I thought I could at least do eyelashes. Knowing full well I can’t put them on straight for myself I thought I would go to a professional and be able to wear them for a week or two before having to refill them.

I knew going in what to expect price-wise. I also knew my new prettiness was only meant to last for about two weeks and in order to continue the prettiness, you were supposed to keep going in for fill-ins every few weeks. The maintenance between appointments I could deal with – not rubbing your eyes, brushing the eyelashes out, remembering not to wipe your face after a shower with your towel.

I did not go back for my fill-ins. I just let them go away on their own and won’t do it again. Unless, for a special occasion.

But I still liked the eyelashes, don’t get me wrong. I guess I didn’t like them enough to be willing to disrupt my time and I can think of better ways to spend my money.

As I type this, I keep thinking that I am saying something BAD about fake eyelashes or giving a bad review to the lady who did mine. That is certainly not my intention. I liked my fake eyelashes.

The lady who did my eyelashes did a very good job and I liked the results. Please go see her, I recommend her. Lashes by Lindsay.

It’s just the simple fact that I don’t want to make a commitment like that, time wise or money wise. Still, I try to convince myself that, in fact, I DO need to continue with the false eyelashes. I liked the way I looked with them. I felt pretty.

Do you see the conundrum here?

I wonder if other women go through this agonizing thought process of the seemingly never-ending back and forth in our heads over a beauty issue? Surely I am not the only one.

They are JUST FAKE EYELASHES. Really! Why do I put so much attention on this alluring affair? I just end up saying to myself, it’s not worth it and who am I trying to impress? I say this in order to not get myself all worked up into an anxious frenzy over fake eyelashes.

Bottom line, I simply want to be pretty without having to put in the time and effort. Gah, that sounded lazy and frightening. And I can’t blame it on my age either because I see plenty of women out there my age (and older) doing the deal – putting themselves together on a daily basis.

And all I can think is, “good for them.” And I mean it.

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