The President to Unify the Country

the president to unify the country

I wanted to blog about unity and racism, how Biden got on national television and said he was going to be the president to unify the country.

The President to Unify the Country

James Woods responded and I have to say, my thoughts too:

Biden is not the innocent he claims – he and his followers spent years dividing the country. They participated in pushing lies and falsehoods and have gotten away with it for four years. Has anyone, in the meantime, even lifted a finger to provide any sort of proof of their claims of Trump’s racism? No. Because there isn’t any.

And now he says he will be the president of all the people? Ha. Nice one. He is the most corrupt politician ever. I dare say probably more so than the Clintons.

But when I went to Google “examples of left calling Trump supporters racist” this is what I get – the first two screenshots under the tab labeled “All” and the last screenshot is under the label “News” –

Instead of coming up with results about the Left Calling Trump Supporters Racist – you get articles that masquerade as factual racism BY Trump and his supporters. You won’t find any negative news articles about Biden or Harris anymore. They’ve disappeared. Poof. Gone. Welcome to the Ministry of Truth.

Buried in this article are a couple of examples of accusations from the left calling Trump and his supporters racists. Matthew Fleischer of the LA Times.

Again, they are just accusations and I have yet to see ANYONE provide PROOF of Trump being a racist. Where is it? No, they just throw that term and phrase out there like it is candy to their constituents to feed off of and work themselves up into a frenzy.

Besides, they don’t have anything else to pin on him because the country has become stronger and better with Trump as President. So they have to resort to false accusations and name calling.

Not only have we all lost faith in any sort of establishment of the government but now we have lost our trust in the media; they are the worst of all.

And what is wrong with this person? Good heavens, man, pull yourself together. I am quite sure you have no idea what it means to truly suffer from anything! What an act and performance. Like Tucker Carlson said about this, if you are crying and cannot be objective in the news industry, it is time to get out and find a different type of job.

As far as the Ministry of Truth, a.k.a. Google – try searching for ANYTHING negative about Biden or Harris. Guess what, you won’t find anything. People, this should scare the shit out of you. Wake up.

P.S. – my thoughts on the election is this – I believe Trump won the election. I believe there was massive fraud in the election. But, Biden will be installed as the 46th President. I will be stunned if anything else happens as a result of the recounts and court outcomes.

I also know that I will be okay and I am surprisingly calm about the whole situation. That is not to say that I won’t call out the b.s. when I see it because I will.

The next few months will be interesting to say the least. Now, where did I put my sunglasses…..

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